How to Reduce Employee Turnover As A Foreign “Boss” In China

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More and more foreigners choose to come to China to establish companies because of China's preferential policies and abundant resources. If you are one of them or are about to become a foreign boss in China, how to reduce employee turnover is one of the main factors for the company's success.


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  1. Choose the right person.

Test whether employees can integrate into the company culture and have ability to complete the work through behavioral tests.


  1. Provide attractive benefits packages.

Such as medical insurance and flexible working hours.


  1. Don't ignore the talents and abilities of employees.

Provide opportunities for advancement to capable employees.


  1. Respect employees.

Listen to their ideas, take their reasonable suggestions and never laugh or humiliate them when they make mistakes.


  1. Give them opportunities to improve their abilities.

Provide them with training courses or lectures to improve their specific work skills, such as video editing and PPT production.


  1. Avoid unreasonable working hours and too much overtime.

Employees also need to balance work and life.


  1. Let employees participate in company decision-making.

Don’t just email your decision, give employees opportunities to express their opinions as much as possible.


  1. Provide performance feedback.

Through various incentive policies, such as holidays and commissions, to express your affirmation of the value of employees.


The great employee turnover will not only hinder the work process, but even paralyze the company's operating system. Hiring new employees is also an invisible cost. The loss of capable old employees is a heartbreaking thing for most of the time, and you need to do something to stop it.


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