Teach English in Foshan

Teaching English in Foshan

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Rent is usually between $100 and $270, but English teaching jobs in Foshan provide teachers with free apartments or offer an allowance to cover up to 100% of it. This saves you extra money for entertainment and travel.

Since finding an apartment in Foshan can be tricky if you don’t speak the local language, a Chinese estate agent will contact you to help through the entire process.

  • Photos and details about available apartments will be sent to you.
  • All variants are Western-style, cozy, with all the necessary furniture and equipment, so you won’t have to buy anything.
  • We pre-select the safest Foshan neighborhoods close to the school so that you wouldn’t have to spend too much time in traffic.
  • Bills are usually on you – in Foshan utilities cost around $55 – $57 per month.


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What is it like to live in Foshan?

Located in the Pearl River Delta area, this exciting Guangdong city has everything to seduce a foreigner: exotic nature, futuristic cityscapes, ancient temples, and a developing economy with lots of jobs.

The decision to work in Foshan as an English teacher is a wise one because you can benefit from the dynamic life of the capital of the province, Guangzhou, which is 50 minutes away (20 by bullet train), living in Foshan as a foreigner, in a more peaceful and quiet place, with the possibility to save extra cash.

There are enough institutions in the city: around 100 public schools and colleges, plus over 40 ESL centers. Dozens of vacancies are usually available, especially in summer and in January, before the spring semester starts.


What Makes Foshan Unique?

  • Population: 8 million
  • Language: Mandarin + Cantonese
  • Public transport: close to an international airport, railway and bus stations (4), subway, buses, and taxis
  • Climate: tropical

The magnificent Foshan city is certainly among the best-known ones. It’s constantly developing now and keeps attracting tourists thanks to its shopping possibilities, infrastructure, beautiful parks, and amazing temples

Discover why coming to work here would be a good idea:

Lots to see!

If you happen to be a Bruce Lee fan, don’t miss the chance to visit his house and the ancestral hall.

It’s exactly in Foshan, China’s largest Kung Fu center of the epoch, that he learned his art! Ancient architecture like the Ancestor’s temple and Xishan is unique here and absolutely worth a visit.


Who cares about winter!

Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere with no snow or frost, where people never wear scarfs and sweaters? That’s here!

Even though the heat does get a little heavy in June because it’s both the hottest month of the year and the one with the most rainfall, but overall, the Foshan weather is pretty enjoyable.

Typhoons hit this area quite regularly – two or three times a year – but it’s nothing to worry about as long as you follow the rules and don’t put your life at risk.


First of all, there is Guangzhou, the third-largest city in the country and a tourist center. It’s easy to fly to faraway cities from the local airport.

The train fare is ridiculously low – only $1.35 for a ride. As Foshan teaching jobs offer you over 3 weeks of paid annual leave, taking a trip to Macao, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, visit Shenzhen or go as far as Shanghai for $97 to spend a tremendous weekend there.


Cheap and delicious

Like everything else, food in Foshan is both affordable and ravishing!

Local food is of Yue cooking, which is based on deep-frying and baking, the taste of dishes is refreshing, crispy, and light. Yuntun noodles, goose palms with orange peels, stewed for 5 hours, the Shiwan dried fish, and sliced frogs are among the most recommendable ones!

Some dishes come from Foshan districts, like Nanhai or Shunde and it’s advisable to try them at local restaurants.

When you become a part of the Foshan expat community, chances are, you’ll be also buying street food and snacks like Shuang Pi Nai (milk with egg white and sugar dessert) and the Manggong cake with peanuts and pork. These are great before lunch or when you feel hungry during the day.

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Not expensive at all!

The truth about teaching English in China is that your salary doesn’t look impressive at first, but then you understand, that with $1,500 you can afford almost anything.

The cost of living in Foshan is low even compared to other cities: it’s 217% cheaper than in the capital! You can buy a monthly bus pass for $28, a package of cigarettes is $1.81, and a pint of local beer is $2.38. You can live very well with $290 – $450 per month.

As Foshan English teaching jobs pay at least 3 times the amount needed, you can easily put by some money for the future or plan weekend activities and get away regularly.

Eating out is also very affordable: a Chinese dinner costs $9, but if you opt for a Western restaurant, be prepared for $50+ on your check.

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