Build Your International Network Now!

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Since our birth, we have continuously established contacts with the outside world to expand our social network. Establish contact with classmates when going to school, with colleagues when going to work, and even with doctors, builders and shopkeepers in our daily life. When you go abroad to study, work and live, it is still necessary to establish international network.


Ways to build international network

  1. Study abroad

It’s actually the easiest way. You will know classmates from different countries and contract with them in your daily life. Even if you are likely to start again in a different direction after graduation, you have already learned how to contact them.

  1. Share experience

Taking a cooking class or heading out on a hike is more effective than swapping business card with your foreign friends in building a deep connection. Your relationship will become closer when learning the same things.

  1. Make friends with friends’ friends

Before moving to a new country, ask your friends that if there is a kind person living in the country you’re about to go. If the answer is Yes, you’ll be rewarded with lots of useful information.

  1. Work abroad

It is also a great way to expand your international network. Make friends with your colleagues/coworkers and try to get along well with your local neighbors. Always be friendly.

  1. Go to the party

You never know how important the buddy you are talking to will play in your future career. Even though the party is boring for you, it gives you more chances to contact with people with different backgrounds.



Hey! Go for it bravely and remember to keep in touch!


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