Eight Ways for Making Friends When Teaching Abroad

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In foreign countries, making new friends play a vital role in our daily life. But what makes many teachers who teach abroad worry about is whether they can settle down abroad and make friends successfully.

It is true that making new friends in other countries is not as simple as in domestic since people in different countries have different personalities. Some locals are kind-hearted and friendly, while some are indifferent or have social phobia (They do like to keep distance from other people.), so you may need to find some other epacts. Therefore, I have prepared some tips to help you make friends in a foreign country:


  • Make friends with your adult students

If you are lucky enough to give ESL class for adult, it’s easy for you to make friends with them for you have lots of opportunities to get to know each other. Try to invite your students to have dinner in their favorite restaurant after class, they would like it.

  • Take part in the local activities

Try to celebrate local festivals or take part in some cultural events, and you will be more likely to exposed to people who have similar interests/hobbies like you.

  • Always go to the same café (or other places)

The more you show up there, the more likely the shopkeepers or other regulars will chat with you.

  • Make friends with friend’s friends

If you just have a friend who has friends in the country you are living, contact your friend and ask him/her to introduce their friends to you.

  • Try to say “yes” more often

For example, if you are invited to a party that sounds a little boring, don’t say “NO” immediately if you are free at that time since no one knows what exactly it is and maybe there will be something surprise you! But, remember not to accept the invitation if you just know that guy two hours ago.

  • Join a class

Choose a class you are interested in, such as a Chinese class or a fencing class. It is always easy for people to make friends with people who have the same interests.

  • Join the group on social software (like Facebook and WeChat group)

You can directly search for the groups you are interested in and join them. It is not difficult to make friends with the similar interests in the country where you live.

  • Try “language skills” exchange

There are various websites connecting locals and epacts, making it possible to learn new languages (for example, you teach a local English, and he teaches you Chinese). It also means that there will be more opportunities for communication between you and the locals, making it easier for you to become friends.





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