How to Apply for A Foreigner's Work Permit

Work Permit-Teacher Record


Every foreigner who wants to work legally in China needs to obtain a work permit, otherwise you will not be able to get a job in a regular and legal company unless you are willing to bear the risk of being fined and arrested.

 Complete guide about work visa and laws in China


7 necessary documents:

Ø Foreigner work permit application form

Ø Employment contract/certificate/government authorization

Ø Valid passport/visa/ residence permit

Ø Non-criminal record certificate

Ø Work qualification certificate

Ø Medical certificate (except for expats holding a valid residence permit)

Ø Academic degree (the highest) or relevant professional qualification certificate (requires consulate certification)


For those high-end foreign talents (such as scientists and professional technicians), the Chinese government has opened a "green channel" to simplify the application process.

Ø Apply online without paper materials

Ø Applicants only need to make a commitment to the non-criminal record certificate

Ø Applicants do not need to get their academic certificates and qualification certificates notarized

Ø Foreigners who have obtained an A-type work visa (R-VISA) can directly apply for a foreigner work permit

Ø The processing time for the application is shorten to 5 working days

Ø The maximum validity period of the certificate is 5 years


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