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Although we have tried our best, some of the lessons are very difficult to teach. Teaching plan, demonstration, explanation, and participation are all the methods we usually use to teach English. But there are times when these methods don't work. So what can we do?

In fact, there are many tips to make students focus on classroom learning so that teachers can better manage the classroom.

Let's take a look at tips for English teaching.


Positive praise will make students more motivated to learn. But the problem is that many students, especially those in the lower grades, do not know what their expectations are and how to achieve their goals. Therefore, we should visualize progress and give students some visible rewards.

The most common method is to write each student's name on the board and set them simple tasks (such as copying the text). Whenever they finish the task, draw a small star after their names. Students who have collected five stars can get a cartoon sticker (or something else). In order to accumulate more stars and get more stickers and encouragement, most children will study harder than before.


Use rhetorical questions flexibly to let students know what things are not allowed to do, such as violating discipline, fighting, and other negative behaviors. A simple way to ask a question is "Do/Can/Should we + negative actions?"


There are two methods, direct separation, and indirect separation. Through direct separation, the teacher creates a game that allows students to move chairs to participate in the game. The indirect separation allows students to move around the classroom. For example, a game called "fruit salad". The teacher assigns each student a name of the fruit, then asks them to stand up and move to the correct seat according to the name of the fruit in the way you say.

It is an effective way to help students remember the classification of words clearly and simply.


Redirecting can avoid pointing out the improper behavior of students and interrupting the curriculum. When a student is distracted or whispering to a classmate, ask him/her to answer questions, or have he/she a volunteer to show the language. If they can't answer your question, this is your chance to teach them the subject they’ve missed.

This can not only prevent them from carrying out activities not related to the study, but also make them have a deeper understanding of the content of their study.


Only reward without punishment is not feasible in teaching all the time. Similar to the method of sticking stars, write the students' names on the whiteboard, and draw a mark after their names every time they make a mistake. When they get three negative marks, you can interview the students' parents and tell them about negative actions that happened in the classroom and give them specific feedback. For students, it is undoubtedly a cruel way to be published. Involving parents in the class management can help to find more suitable solutions and give students a lesson about their bad behavior.



Every student is different in every classroom. Teachers need to adopt different teaching management methods to manage the classroom. Reward good students and give naughty children some punishment, as long as you use the right method, you can make a difference in the classroom.

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