Do You Know the Difference Between China Work Permit A, B AND C

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China has introduced a scoring system to judge the qualifications of candidates. They classify foreign candidates into three levels: Type A (>85), Type B (60-85), and Type C (<60). The following is the specific classification standard.

China Work Permit A, B, and C:

Type A (encouraged, >85, for high-talented expats)

Ø  Employed through the Chinese program of the introduction of foreign talent

Ø  Meet internationally recognized field standards

Ø  Obtain outstanding achievements and awards in the field, such as,

-Hold a senior management position in an international bank or financial institution

-Take leadership positions in well-known technical institutions or international organizations

-Won the highest achievement award in the industry, such as the Nobel Prize

Ø  Are applying or being employed in a senior position in China, such as

-Senior management or technical positions in large industries

-Hold senior positions in top hospitals

-Experts from research or engineering centers in China

Ø  The income more than 6 times the local average salary

Ø  Under 40 years old + post-doctorate + graduated from top universities/senior academic institutions

Ø  Considered as entrepreneurs and new industry talents, such as

-Patented new products/services + three-year stable investment + investment not less than 500,000 US dollars + at least 30% of the company's shares

-Three-year income is not less than 10 million RMB


Type B (limited, controlled professional/personnel, 60-85)

Ø  Bachelor degree or above + two years of work experience + employment in positions like:

-Hold educational, technical, research, or management positions in the fields of education, technology, and art

-Representatives /employees dispatched by international companies/foreign industries

-Serving as a manager or technician in an industry, institution, or social organization

Ø  Hold an internationally recognized skills certification

Ø  The income more than 4 times the local average salary

Ø  Teaching foreign language (mother tongue) + bachelor's degree (or above)/two years of teaching experience, or bachelor's degree in education (or above)


Type C (restricted, nontechnical/service workers, <60)

Ø  Have a work visa under the old system without meeting the A or B level qualifications under the new system

Ø  Take a short-term job (< 90 days); or

Ø  Positions subject to quotas, like working as a foreign intern in China


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