Traveling Tips: Travel in China During Public Holidays



It is undeniable that most of time we will arrange our travel during public holidays. Here are some useful skills for travelling in China during the holidays.


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1. Avoid the crowd

Yes, it will be crowded! Whether it is a tourist attraction or a transportation hub, there are people everywhere! Especially in famous tourist cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing, you will find that it takes an extra hour or even several hours to enter the subway, which means your actual travel time will be greatly shortened. Getting up early is an effective way to alleviate this situation. Furthermore, you'd better take the subway instead of a bus or taxi, otherwise you may be stuck on the road.

If you are not very interested in those tourist hotspots (or are not in a hurry to visit), doing some unusual things during the holidays, or participating in local special activities, such as calligraphy or cooking, will give you unexpected reward.


2. Make a travelstrategy

You can design your itinerary in advance, such as planning specific routes to your destination, booking hotels and buying tickets online. Not having any preparation will make you frightened by the large crowds, and feeling anxious while traveling will ruin your wonderful vacation. Besides, most of locals are very friendly, don't be afraid to ask for help when you encounter problems. (In some big cities, many people can speak English, so don’t worry about language barriers.)

Besides, don't forget to bring some essentials for your travel, such as walking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, band-aids and a large bottle of water!


3. Haveunique experiences

One of the advantages of traveling in China on public holidays is that you can experience something special that does not happen in the off-season. For example, during the May Day (Labor’s Day), Beijing’s Yuyuantan Park will host the Cherry Blossom Festival. It is good to walk around in the park, take a boat to enjoy the flowers, or buy cherry blossom-shaped souvenirs from vendors. In addition, you can watch traditional Chinese performances on the streets during most festivals, such as lion dances.


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