What You Should Do When Returning to China in Post-Covid-19

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As the new coronavirus infection is effectively controlled, China has gradually resumed work and production. If you also need to resume work in China, you will need some tips to avoid coronavirus infection and stay healthy.


Self-quarantine and working remotely

After the outbreak of COVID-19, almost all Chinese cities require people returning from foreign countries to self-quarantine at home or in a hotel for 14 days, even if you return to China from an uninfected country.

You may work from home for the first two weeks after your arrival, or work remotely (such as a teacher or IT practitioner) until the end of the epidemic.

Don't worry if you have to return to the office to work, they have very strict and effective prevention and control measures.


Self-checking and commuting

Masks and clinical thermometers are indispensable items during the epidemic. Test the temperature before going to work. If you find that your temperature exceeds 37.2 degrees Celsius or feel sick obviously, please stay at home and report your physical condition to the community or designated fever center. If there is no such situation, please wear a mask before going out. Try to choose self-driving or taking a taxi to go to work instead of taking public transportation if possible, since it may expose you to a large number of people (especially during peak periods) and increase your chances of contracting the virus.


Arrival at your workplace

The first thing after arriving at the workplace is to wash your hands with disinfectant/hand sanitizer carefully, and wipe your desk and equipment (including computer screens, keyboards, phones and so on) with disinfectant wipes.

Don’t forget to wash you hand every time you come back from the outside.


Wearing masks

The excellent performance of China’s epidemic prevention proves to us that masks are very effective in preventing the spread of infection. Refuse to wear a mask or take it off at will is irresponsible for your own health and the health of others, even if it does make your nose and mouth feel uncomfortable.

Generally speaking, your employer will provide you with a certain amount of masks or you can also buy masks at designated pharmacies if you don't have one.

What's more, please change your mask regularly.



To control the spread of the virus, Chinese government calls on workplaces to reduce air circulation by turning off all heating and air conditioning. Remember to bring your hot water bottle or a pair of warm gloves to work if you can't stand the cold.

Although this may make you feel uncomfortable, please do not complain for the sake of your health.


Avoiding contact

Based on the characteristics of human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus, Chinese government recommends keeping a social distance of 2 meters between people. If your office is on a lower floor, try to take the stairs instead of the enclosed elevator. If you have to take the elevator, please use paper towels or disinfection wipes to push the button, and wash your hands with hand sanitizer or alcohol disinfection when you arrive at the office.

Also, avoid sitting opposite your colleagues in the office and ensure that there is a certain distance between the desks.



If possible, please bring food and utensils from home to settle your lunch, instead of ordering takeout with an app or phone. If you have to do this, ask the delivery person to place the meal in a specific location instead of delivering it directly to your office.

If you choose to go to a restaurant for lunch, remember to maintain social distancing from other diners and avoid talking with them.

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