Q&A: Things About Finding An Apartment In China



It takes time and effort to find a good apartment while you are living in China. The following are some frequently asked quetions, it might be helpful for you. 




  • Where to find a good apartment?
  • The easiest and safest way to find an apartment that meets your requirements is to find a reliable housing agency since there are numerous housing resources for you to choose. And if you’re work with a big education company or a public school in China, they are likely to offer you an apartment or help you to find one.


  • What is an apartment like in China?
  • It depends on the price and location of the apartment. Almost all the apartments are furnished with a bed, a desk, an air-conditioner and a washer. But you should come there and find out the details yourself.


  • How much should I pay for an apartment?
  • It also depends on the location and type of the apartment you choose to rent. And you generally need to pay a deposit in advance (1-3 months rental fee).


  • What bills should I need to pay?
  • Water, gas, electric and WIFI.


  • Where can I pay my bills?
  • You can pay through the landlord, convenience store, Alipay or WeChat wallet. And your landlord will tell you the exact way to pay the bills in advance.


  • Where can I set up WIFI if I do not have one?
  • Take your valid passport, and go to China Mobile, China Telecom or China Unicom. They will tell you how to do.


  • How long do leases last?
  • It depends on your landlord. But you are likely to be required sign a contract for at least 1 year (short lease for 3 months but it costs you more.) and if you leave in advance, you cannot get your deposit back (or full back).



  • Test all furniture and equipment in the apartment in advance
  • Negotiate the rent with the landlord
  • View more apartments before making your decision
  • Make sure the apartment will be totally cleaned before you move in


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