10 Free Websites For Esl Lesson Planning You Should Not Miss

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There is no doubt that with your TESL certificate, you are fully qualified or even ready to teach English abroad or to teach English online. But soon, you'll get some lessons. Once when I was as young as you, I was as full of fantasy and enthusiasm as you were. But sometimes making another TESL course plan is like an impossible dream. I was asked to make a 15-week course plan, even though this was my second week in Korea, which really turned my enthusiasm into panic. Have you ever tried to fill the 14-year-old's boredom with two hours of fun activities? It's hard for them to use your language to express and communicate, let alone 90 percent of the time they should do that.

To make matters worse, I was told that the headmaster would attend these courses. My stress reached a peak and I even thought I was going to have a heart attack.

The deadline for the 15-week teaching plan is the second day. "That will never happen to me." You might think so. But who knows it?

But I'm not a nameless boy. I am one of those people who like to plan and organize. I mark my spreadsheet in different colors, make lists, and even plan most things a month in advance. This is my specific lifestyle.

Fortunately, the Internet enabled me to complete my teaching plan for 15 classes in one night. But it's not that something like this won't happen again, is it?


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Instead of going to bed like a rational person, I made a list of ways to cover the ESL course plan, and some of the resources also help me plan the course on a regular basis. In addition, there are teachers sharing ideas on how to create suitable exercises and activities for each level of ESL students.

I can get inspiration from this list of free resources on demand, which keeps me from falling into a state of panic, even though I have to do a truckload of course plans.

Of course, these resources apply in different ways, some are more suitable for TEFL games, some for summer or winter camp activities, and some can help you sort out those painful grammar lessons. Don't feel like you're the only one suffering from this. In fact, there are teachers in the whole community like you, and everyone struggles with the curriculum from time to time.

Therefore, this is the best material for teaching English as a second language.

1. Pinterest

Type "summer camp", "ESL" or "TEFL" into your search engine, click the "enter" button, and you will get unlimited inspiration for making teaching plans. I have used the DIY section to create handicrafts activities for in after-school camps or winter training.

For children who attend summer camp, you are both a teacher and a babysitter, and it is inevitable to worry that the children may get bored. You may try to stop paying too much attention to them, but you may also be afraid that they will stab each other with pencils.

2. British Council

Finding this site was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me. You can find everything you need about the TESL course plan here, whether it's listening exercises, grammar exercises or reading exercises. And these resources are free! They prepare appropriate programs for people of all ages (adults, children and teenagers), which is like the savior of TESL teachers. This is the dream of serial organizers! In addition, if an emergency course suddenly appears on your schedule, this website is your medicine kit.

3. Englishgrammar.org

Sometimes, "It sounds right" is not a good answer for some senior students or co-teachers who ask thorny questions. English, as a fickle language, especially the tricky tenses, is difficult to sort out, which leads to learners falling into a confused predicament. This website is helpful for teachers to clarify how to teach the difficult part of English learning.

4. ESL Partyland

The name, design or layout of a website has never been a criterion for judging whether a website is good or bad. From the integration of music, games, videos and movies, this site is dedicated to helping teachers create effective and creative ESL curriculum plans.

5. My ESL Corner

This site is like a powerful thought center. Neat TEFL worksheets, useful lesson plans and interesting games will make your students excited to learn English. For those who have specific projects to learn, such as designing fashion magazines and house decoration, there are lessons they can't miss.

6. The Internet TESL Journal

I hope you won't be disappointed and leave when you see this ugly website. In fact, they are very powerful. There are not only perfect curriculum plans and practical curriculum content, but also a lot of valuable articles and research on teaching skills.

7. UsingEnglish.com

When it comes to finding exactly what you want at the last minute - this site isn’t great. But it sure is worth a browse. If you pop into the teaching section, it’s divided by ESL levels, so you can easily find different types of games and lesson plans for students at different levels.

This website is not the best, but it is definitely worth visiting. Entering the teaching section, it is easy for you to find different types of games and course plans for students according to the different ESL level.

8. ThoughtCo

With a nice name, providing formal or business English courses, this blog has a collection of ideas for dialogue and class management. There are also blogs on stuff like short speaking activities and fingerplay songs for kids, that’s my favorite section.

9. ESL Galaxy

When it comes to learning and supervision, this small website is worth mentioning. You can easily print some worksheets to keep your highest-level students busy but still you are able to pay attention to the rest of the classes who are catching up the courses. That means, when you have 30 students in a room, 40 minutes-sometimes a simple worksheet can give you precious minutes.

10. ESLvideo.com


Depends on wherever you teach-YouTube and short on-line videos may be a massive resource. I also use programming to make tests and interesting activities for students. Even more powerful, videos and exercises are sorted by ability level, so whether you are looking for a song with appropriate words or Ted presentations they can fully understand --- that is your best choice.


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