What Are The Differences Between Traditional Classroom And Online Classroom?

traditional classroom vs online classroom


Should I choose a traditional teaching job or an online teaching job known for its flexibility? If you are also in the dilemma of choice, reading this article will let you know which one is right for you. Both of them have some function of teaching, presenting information and interact with students. But there are also differences between them.


About class management

Traditional Classroom Management:

  • Free to move the students
  • Group students in various of ways
  • Do physical activities

Online Classroom Management:

  • Teacher controls the whole class (hard to group the class)
  • Use virtual teaching tools for student’s learning
  • Less interactions between teachers and students (especially for a large-size class)


About the lecture

Traditional Classroom

  • Students are usually not allowed to bring mobile phones into the venue
  • With a presenter and a host
  • The audiences should/are expected to sit and listen for longer
  • Visual feedback

Online Classroom

  • Students use electronic devices (like mobile phones and PC) to participate in the lecture
  • With a presenter and a host online
  • The audiences do not need to sit for a long time
  • Lack of visual feedback but with text feedback


About the performance

Traditional Classroom

  • Students take part in the physical classroom activities
  • Shy students or students with physical problems may not dare/are able to participate in the activities

Online Classroom

  • Physical activities cannot be carried out
  • Anonymity (not being present in the class) allow those introverted/shy students be braver to raise their questions and express their opinions
  • All students (including disabled students) can participate in class activities fairly since there are not physical activities


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