Move Abroad On Your Own? Why Not?

move abroad


Adults have to chase their dreams alone. You have decided to work overseas, but your family and friends cannot accompany you to move abroad. So, how do you move abroad alone?


1. Research new cities

To live in a new city for a long time and avoid excessive homesick, you need to find out what the city can offer you. Find out something that interests you. (What about food, architecture or culture?) Also, understand how the city works, such as paying taxes and bills.


2. Create rituals

Soaking in a milk bath after cleaning the apartment, or watching a movie after working hard for a week will add more fun to life.


3. Learn the local language

Not understanding the people around you will increase your sense of loneliness. Try to learn some basic language skills to facilitate your daily communication, such as how to buy the tableware you want in the grocery store.


4. Keep your hobbies

Don't leave your hobbies at home but take them abroad! When you focus on doing what you like, time passes quickly so that you don’t have time or energy for homesick and loneliness.


5. Find people with similar interests

Playing Chinese chess or watching Japanese anime? All right, just find someone who are happy to do these things with you. Sharing is a good way to drive away loneliness.


6. Invite your families and friends to visit you

Although they cannot move abroad with you, why not invite them to your city? Look, they have the best guide, and you have the best tourists. It’s not bad to share your new life.


Research has shown that living abroad not only brings people a new sense of self, but also brings greater life satisfaction, reduces stress, improves work performance, and even “a clearer understanding of the most suitable type of occupation that fits personal strengths and values ". Moving abroad by yourself only requires a little more preparation and courage. Believe that you can do it!

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