New Articles: Great Reading Materials For ESL Students

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Many teachers will order newspapers or browse news on the web to learn about the changes in the world, but ignoring news articles can also serve as good reading materials for ESL students. Young learners are always curious about new things, and news articles just meet their needs. Whether you bring the newspaper to the classroom or share online resources with students, both of them are good choices.


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But a good news articles should meet the requirements below or you cannot show to your students,

  • Containing no offensive vocabulary
  • Using correct grammar
  • Published on a trusted platform
  • Be interesting for the students
  • Appropriate for the students (Does not involve taboo topics)
  • Corresponding with the students’ English level
  • Meeting the students’ learning goals


Recommended Newspaper (be more suitable for high-level English learners)

  1. Wall Street Journal (focusing on financial news reports)
  2. The New York Times (good credibility and authority)
  3. Washington Post (focusing on the political developments in the United States)
  4. The Sun
  5. The Times
  6. The Guardian


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Online Resources

  1. Time for Kids (a range of reading topics, suitable for young learners)
  2. CNN 10 (break the popular news for ESL students)
  3. News in Levels (allow English learners to choose articles that suits their knowledge)
  4. Entrepreneur Online Magazine (suitable for advanced leaners who are interested in business)
  5. Smithsonian Tween Tribune (written by young authors, suitable for students from 4-12 grades.


A good ESL teacher is always good at using the useful resources available to help students learn English. Why not be one of them?




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