The Difference Between Living And Travelling In China

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"Is there any difference between moving to China and traveling in China?"

Yes. Moving abroad means you need to change to adapt to the new environment and local customs in China while traveling abroad gives you the opportunity to experience a new culture and you don’t have to change your lifestyle, eating habits, or other things.


Please read on it and I will elaborate on the difference between them.


You will face more challenges

Moving overseas means that you will spend more time and energy dealing with daily life and routine tasks, such as housework and business trips. You need to learn the skills of living in China, such as taking a bus without an English sign, buying cold medicine at a pharmacy and going to a grocery store to buy the household tools you want. These simple things will become extremely difficult abroad, but when you master various skills, you will be more optimistic and energetic.


You have to give up something

When living and working abroad, you have to change your original lifestyle and working methods to adapt to the new environment so as to get all things done, even though you just live in Chins for one or two years. But you do not have to give up everything “at home”. You are able to celebrate festivals, develop your interests and contract with your family and friends.


You will have more time to explore

When traveling abroad, you need a period of time to make travel plans, buy air tickets and book hotels, and also enough vacation to support your trip. Simply speaking, travel requires more money and time. While living abroad, you can take a "day trip" in weekends, taking a train to a nearby city. Moreover, living in "domestic" (I mean China) you can have a deeper understanding of the real local life and customs.


You will be more independent

Teaching and living abroad alone, you have to rely on yourself (most of the time) to solve the problems encountered in life and work.

For Life: Learn to order meals by phone or apps, negotiate with the landlord, and make friends with locals

For Work: Establish a good relationship with other teachers, make Chinese students understand the new knowledge, and adjust teaching strategies

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