Three Things You Should Do When Exploring China



You can quickly search the Internet for the resources you need when exploring in China, such as shopping, dining, car and apartment rentals. In addition, your colleagues are your best and most practical resource who will be willing to provide you with useful suggestions, such as where to eat cheap and delicious Chinese food. Exploring China is never difficult, as long as you know some skills.


1. Don't let curiosity slip away easily

The strange thing is that when some great ideas about travel sneak into our minds and just leave quickly. When you finish work and are about to remember them, you find that you have no idea about anything!

To avoid "cunning" and marvelous ideas from slipping away again, when a key idea reappears in your mind, write them down (using paper, post-it or electronic notes), or tell others your ideas and discuss them if possible. You are allowed to ask them when you forget (someone will remember them).


2. Broadcast Your Inquiry

If you are thinking about traveling, don't keep waiting. Do some research online and ask your colleagues or friends for advice to determine the feasibility of the plan. If possible, you can put the inquiry on the chat group to discuss with more people. You will always get more good ideas at the same time.


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3. Do it!

Doing research, asking friends and colleagues for suggestions, and writing down a bunch of plans but doing nothing finally! How frustrating it is! Time fires all the time, and you should know how to seize it to do things you wan to do and go to the places you desire to go, or you will find that you are too late to get it done when your fright is tomorrow! If you have a great idea to explore China, just do it!


Life abroad should be full of excitement and surprises every day. Great ideas will come to your mind at any time, write them down, ask questions and discuss with friends/colleagues to get solutions, and do something to realize them. Imagination can never help you turn your plan into reality!


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