Take a Food Tour In China As An Expat




If you don't want to miss any chance to find delicious food in China, please stop saying "This sounds weird!" "It doesn't seem to be delicious!" and "I would never try it/them!" To be more humorous and adventurous, I promise you will find "treasures" in a great number of Chinese dishes.


Try street food

"Junk food? Food poisoning?" No! These delicious snacks will just make you crazy instead of poisoning. Otherwise, why do so many local people line up in front of the stall? Chinese pancakes, dumplings, barbecue. . . Just try it!


Try some "strange" food

"Stinky tofu? Smelly mandarin fish? Fried ants?" When you haven't really tried these foods, you might think that they are just some "anti-human" foods and try to attract some “weird” people’s eyes. In fact, they are likely to hit your taste buds. (Stinky tofu is my favorite!)


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Avoid "unexpected projects"

Chinese people often add meat or seafood (such as shrimp and squid) when sautéing vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, remember to ask the waiter when ordering to see if there is meat in the vegetables.


Try Chinese "drinks"

In addition to the world-famous Chinese tea, herbal tea is another drink worth your trying. It is usually effective in treating inflammation (such as tonsil inflammation) and it tastes a little bit bitter with a fresh smell.


Shopping at the local market

The local market will always provide customers with fresh and cheap seasonal products and specialty products, even if, it often is noisier and more crowded compared with supermarkets




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