Things About Testing For English Learners



A fact is that almost no students like exams, but exams are still an important tool for measuring and testing learners' learning outcomes.


The main purpose of the exam:

  • Test the learning level of learners (in order to formulate teaching and learning strategies)
  • Give test takers a chance to compete fairly


Significance of the exam:

  1. The exam is the best review. (Supervise students to conduct efficient review)
  2. Expose students' learning problems
  3. Effective feedback of learning status
  4. Improve psychological quality (help students to form a good consciousness)
  5. Reflect the teacher's teaching results


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The types of exam:

  • Quick progress checks

Suitable for seminars, topic learning and part of game scoring. For example, randomly ask a student to explain the meaning of a certain concept.

  • Detailed exams

This type of examination requires students to conduct a comprehensive review of what they have learned, such as knowledge related to business English. Moreover, sometimes students are required to meet specific requirements to obtain relevant certificates, such as IELTS and TOEFL.

  • Online exams

This is an exam that combines technology and learning. Students usually need electronic equipment (such as a PC or laptop with a stable wired network / WIFI) and strong self-control (don't cheat). Online exams allow learners to quickly and accurately assess their learning level/ability Test no matter when it is and where they are.


Although not all students have good experience about taking exams, it’s still a great way to help students master a new language. Keep a good attitude, and always know that we testing is not to expose our shortcomings (to laugh at us), but to provide feedback for us to improve learning methods and strategies.


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