Tips for Teaching English In Summer Vacation In China



If you don't plan to teach in China for a long time, while you still want to experience new adventures in this charming eastern country, then teaching in China in the summer is a good choice. (The bonus is travelling in China.) And I would like to tell my experience of teaching in Shanghai, China last summer, and hope to give you some reference.


Avoid getting lost

Before the trip, the company I worked for in China helped me apply for a visa and arranged transportation at the airport and accommodation for me.  

In addition, I learned that it is necessary to take insect repellent by asking an experienced teacher, because Shanghai has a hot summer and you may meet some "small creatures" in your apartment, such as mosquitoes and cockroaches.


Clothing (What You Should Put In Your Suitcase Before Coming To China)

In addition to your daily summer clothes, you'd better ask if you need to wear a uniform at work. I used to put several suits in my suitcase, but I didn't take them out before I left China.

Our company requires all employees to wear uniforms with the company's logo.



Most of the time, you will get your reward at the end of your work. Therefore, before that, you need to prepare enough money to support your life in China before getting the salary. For example, I spent an average of $15 a day in Shanghai. But in some smaller Chinese cities, $8 is enough to cover your daily living expenses.



Chinese washing machines generally do not have the function of drying, so it is necessary to pack several hangers. If you have to dry your clothes on rainy days, there are many laundries that provide professional laundry services (washing-drying-ironing).



Tea scams are very common in Shanghai. Last summer I had to spend nearly 500 RMB to experience the so-called "authentic" tea culture. So be careful.



There are many local restaurants that serve very delicious food, and usually you only need to spend less than 50 RMB to enjoy lunch. If you can't read the Chinese menu, you can choose food according to the pictures on the menu.



After arriving at the airport, the company I worked for sent staff to pick up at the airport.

I travel by subway or bus most of the time in Shanghai. If you want to book a train / high-speed train ticket, don't forget to take your passport with you.

(Note: some taxis will reject you directly when they hear your destination because it is too close or too far away but without any hostility. All you have to do is wait for the next taxi or change the ways of transportation.

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