How to Overcome Loneliness When Living Abroad?

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Being able to travel around the world is a lucky and exciting thing for human beings. But all coins have two sides. Going abroad means that you have to adapt to the new environment, lifestyle, and exposure to different cultures, all of which require courage, perseverance and patience.

Loneliness is one of the things that human beings fear most. No one in the world wants to be isolated, we always need company especially when we are wandering alone in another country. It sounds like a paradox. We are eager to explore new worlds, but we are afraid of being alone. But it’s a fact.

Next, I will introduce to you how to get rid of loneliness abroad.




Doing exercise regularly can make people full of energy to keep themselves occupied. Going to the gym or running outdoors can be a good way to distract your nervousness since physical stimulation is able to make you relieve your pressure and be more focused on the tasks at hand. At the same time, exercise can also keep you healthy.




Getting involved in something more important than yourself can make a person forget selfish or trivial things. When a person serves a specific goal or career, he or she can find comfort and optimistic perspective. Volunteering to other people who are in a more difficult situation than yourself makes you feel better because you realize that you’re doing something useful to make the world a better place.

Being a volunteer can help yourself and others at the same time, why not do it?




Human beings are social animals. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, human beings are always afraid of loneliness and longing for company. That's why friends play such an important role in one's life. In China, there is a very popular social software named WeChat, you can use it to find groups with the same interests as yourself, and then join them. What's more, you can also join a city club, such as a swimming club or a food club according to your own interests. No matter which way you choose, the key is to stay at home less and go out more to communicate with others and explore new things.

As a result, you will find that immersing yourself in the feeling of loneliness is the most time-wasting and boring thing in the world.




Home is a safe haven for the human soul. Chatting with your family is therapeutic. Thanks to the help of technology, we no longer have to wait days or even months to receive letters from our families. A mobile phone with a network allows you to contact your family anytime, anywhere, whether it's voice chat or video call.

Whatever the reason, it is necessary to maintain communication with the family. Your family, especially your parents, are the people who really care about you in the world. Don’t forget to let them know you also care about and love them so much.




Constantly exploring the new world and witnessing the beauty of different scenery is a good way to forget loneliness and stay excited. Getting lost in beautiful nature or artistic architecture can make you sigh at the wonder of the world. Get on a bike, or take public transport (like bus or train) to visit your city, you will find that the city has a charming beauty that you have never found before. Surprise is anywhere as long as you take time to explore.




Being humble and grateful is what you need to do as a human being, no matter where you are. When you feel lonely, it is time for you to calm down and think. Think about why you choose to enter a new world and start a new adventure. What was your original intention? What will you do to make yourself the person you want to be?

You know, not everyone has the opportunity to travel, and learn to be grateful for every opportunity to let you travel.


 Every adventure comes to an end. When that day comes, you will appreciate the opportunity to travel and to experience a new lifestyle and culture. Whether you are lonely or not to live abroad depends on your attitude and solution. In fact, you are fully capable of solving the barrier of isolation, as long as you want to.

No one knows what will happen in the future, just move on!

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