How to Apply for A Short Term Permit in China?


A majority of regions in China have the same policies for foreigners to apply for a short-term permit except Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dalian.


Foreigners aged 16 to 60 years old is able to stay in China for no more than 90 day, and they should also meet the requirements as follow:


Ø  Visit Chinese / partners in China to complete some particular work, such as scientific research and guidance work

Ø  Visit local sports institution for training (a coach or athlete)

Ø  Shoot videos (like a documentary)

Ø  Take part in fashion show (including models)


Require Documents for Applicants

Ø  Colored photos (35*49 mm)

Ø  The application form

Ø  An employment letter

Ø  A medical report (within 6 months)

Ø  The Registration Form of Temporary Residence


Required Documents for Companies:

Ø  A copy of business license

Ø  The sample of company chops

Ø  A copy of the ID card of the legal representative

Ø  An invitation letter


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