For Foreign Teachers Who Wants to Take A Part-Time Job in China (LAWS)


The Ministry of Education of China has issued a statement that the Ministry, together with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, jointly formulated relevant regulations on the employment management of foreign teachers to ensure the legalization of part-time foreign teachers in China to protect their legal rights.

Here are the laws:

Ø  The teachers, employers, and the third-party offering part-time work should all sign and submit the Tripartite agreement to the Exit and Entry Administration Department for legal records.

Ø  The working time of foreign teachers shall not exceed the teaching time stipulated in the contract

Ø  Foreign teachers who violate relevant regulations/laws will be included in the "list of prohibited foreign teachers"

Ø  According to the foreign credit system, the Chinese government will reward foreign teachers who they consider excellent

Finding a part-time job in China has become a popular way for foreign teachers to earn extra income. Remember to protect your legal rights but never break the law.

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