Three Traditional Chinese Medicine Keep You Healthy


Without many modern medicine and clinical trials, Traditional Chinese medicine (or TCM), with a history of more than 2000 years, is unscientific and mythical in the eyes of many people. In fact, although Chinese medicine is not advised as a main way to treat serious diseases, it can help us live healthier lives.


Here I will introduce some special treatments of TCM.





Refers to the use of needles (usually referred to as filigree needles) into the patient's body at a certain angle under the guidance of the theory of Chinese medicine, and use some techniques such as twisting and lifting to stimulate specific parts of the human body to achieve the purpose of curing diseases.

Generally, the doctor will insert the needle into the patient's skin, which may leave small red spots but will not bleed. Acupuncture can treat many common diseases, such as poor appetite, various pains caused by blockage of the meridians, numbness of the limbs and visceral dysfunction.



Moxibustion uses prefabricated moxibustion sticks or moxibustion grass to burn and iron on certain acupoints on the body surface, using heat stimulation to prevent and treat diseases. Wormwood is usually the most commonly used.

Moxibustion can activate visceral function, vigorous metabolism, produce antibodies and immunity,





Cupping, using the canister as a tool, use combustion to remove the air in the canister, creating negative pressure, causing it to adsorb to the body surface which will cause irritation, congesting and congesting the skin of the pulled part, and finally achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.

Cupping has a good therapeutic effect in various pains, colds, and muscle spasms.

(Tip: If you are an extremely beauty-loving person, don't try it lightly since this treatment will leave a visible mark on your skin although it will disappear within a period of time)


These special Chinese medicine methods can help you eliminate fatigue and relieve physical pain in a safe way without costing you a lot. However, when you decide to do one of these treatments, consult your Chinese friends in advance and they will give you some useful advice and recommend some formal treatment places for you.


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