Online Shopping In China

Online Shopping-Teacher Record


If you have no interest in going out for shopping, or you want to avoid the exhaustion of going out for shopping after work, learning how to shop online is a necessary thing in China. Here are some things you need to know.


1. Reliable shopping sites in China

Ø Taobao (you can buy almost everything you need)

Ø T-mall (more formal)

Ø JD (electronic products and household appliances)

Ø Suning (similar to JD)

Ø Amazon (China)


2. Payment method

Ø WeChat/Alipay (requires China SIM card + China bank account)

Ø China Bank Card

Ø PayPal/International Credit Card (only a few shopping sites)


3. Shopping online but don’t understand Chinese

Ø Ask Chinese friends/colleagues for help

Ø Use translation software

Ø Find an English-speaking shopping agent (such as


4. Receive your packages

It depends on the shipping company your supplier uses.

Ø Direct delivery to your home (such as SF Express and JD Logistics)

Ø Delivery to nearby stores ("Cainiaoyizhan" in Chinese)

Ø Put it in a locker (such as "Hive Box")


5. Express shipping

Generally, courier companies will deliver packages to most cities in China within 1-7 days.


6. Exchange/return products

Most Chinese shopping websites allow returns within 7 days and exchanges within 15 days


7. Buy imported products

Ø Need a Chinese ID card (Your Chinese friends will be willing to help you)

Ø Foreign passports are not accepted

(You can also ship the purchased products to your "home country".)


8. Avoid misunderstandings and false advertising

Ø Read the product introduction carefully

Ø Check the quantity and quality of the items you buy

(Generally speaking, don't buy "too cheap" products.)


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