Three Common Misconceptions about Students' Learning

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A true understanding of student behavior allows teachers to make teaching plans and activity arrangements that are suitable for students to learn. It is believed that some misunderstandings or unfounded assumptions about students will prevent teachers from devising effective teaching strategies to integrate students into the classroom and build a better teaching environment when they teach English in the classroom.

Tips How to Improve My Class Participation:

"All the students do not care about learning, or are not interested in learning."

In addition to what happens in class, students are also affected by personal matters, such as they have just lost their closest person or had a big fight with friends last week, which can prevent them from a focus on their learning for a while.

Some teachers also argue, "There are some students who don't seem to be interested in everything in the world." In fact, most of them are just not interested in the classroom.

In addition to textbooks and routine classroom activities, try to add some other elements to the classroom. For example, teachers can design classroom activities according to students' interests, or directly involve students in the formulation of classroom topics.

"In the information age, all students are proficient in smart devices."

Since almost all students can easily get smart devices such as mobile phones and laptops, some teachers believe that all their students know how these devices work or how to use them for learning. In fact, your students may just be proficient in how to surf or play games on the Internet, but don’t know anything else!

It is necessary to spend time teaching students to use technology in your classroom, and it is not reliable to assume that they know how to use it. What if almost all of your students have not taken online courses before?

"A quiet classroom means students are listening."

In class, keep silent for a long time is the most terrible thing, and most of your students may have wandered to other places outside the classroom! Quiet classrooms give students more opportunities to think about "fun things" besides learning, such as "Boating is really fun, I will go with Grace next week!"

In order to improve students' classroom participation and immerse them in the ocean of knowledge, teachers should take measures to check their learning progress, such as setting up a small group for them to discuss a topic and let them express their views after the discussion. Don't forget to provide more opportunities for students to speak so that all of them can truly participate in the classroom.

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