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Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, quarantine may make you forget the passage of time---it is summer now! Whether you teach in China or not, summer vacation (maybe winter vacation in the Southern Hemisphere)is a great opportunity for you to reflect on the success and challenges of the first half of the year and time to improve yourself!

ESL Teachers' Summer Vacation:

1. Read

At any moment, reading is an indispensable flavoring agent in people's lives. Books like novels, essays, magazines, and newspapers can cultivate your critical thinking skills, broaden your horizons, and help you learn to look at things from multiple angles. In particular, as a teacher, you should set a good example for students. Don’t let students have the opportunity to ask you this question: "Dear teacher, you always encourage us to read more, but why have we never seen you read a book? " How ashamed! Pick a few good books for yourself during the holidays and maybe your students will like them too. Why not share it with them?

2. Relax

You may be on vacation now, enjoying your leisure time. But it's time to put down your cell phone and computer to get a good understanding of your health and life. Re-adjust your unhealthy diet, set the time for exercise, and develop your hobby. Don't let social software occupy your entire life!

3. Connect

Don't forget to keep in touch with your teacher colleagues and friends during the holiday, sharing ideas with them and motivating each other, which will effectively improve team relationships and morale.

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4. Change

Take time to think about these questions carefully, "How has my performance been in the past six months?" "Is the previous teaching method effective? Are there any new teaching strategies to help students master English better?" Know yourself will make you keep improving, step out of your comfort zone at the right time, and you will discover a new world.

5. Set realistic goals

Setting ambitious goals may seem stimulating and enticing, while achievable goals will not only reduce your stress but also make you be more motivated since they are not unattainable dreams! Try to set your staged goals, for example, the goals you will achieve in the next month and three months. If possible, write down your specific plans and steps to achieve them. It will give you more confidence to work hard and arrive at your “destination”.

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