Move To China To Teach: The Decision I Would Never Regret



When I jumped on the plane to China for the first time, I met an experienced ESL expat teacher during the flight, which made me very excited and excited. I couldn't help describing my hopes and dreams to him, and he kindly gave me advice on career development, which strengthened my belief in teaching in China. I will have a bright future. Good luck!


Keep moving forward in China

I was once misled by some Western media that China is a poor, backward and authoritarian country. It was not until I came to China that I realized how ignorant I was before.

Visiting the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin in Xi'an, I was shocked to see the exquisite terracotta warriors and horses. What a great wonder of the world! When I was chatting with Chinese people from different provinces on the train, I realized that mastering standard Mandarin is not enough to communicate with Chinese who have a strong accent or speak dialects.

Teaching in China, I started to understand the diversity of Chinese culture and what China really looks like. Ordinary Chinese people are no different from Westerners. They care for children, respect the elderly, work hard to support their families, and are curious about foreigners but never lack kindness and friendship. Teaching is never an easy task. I learned a lot of teaching skills here from my Chinese colleges and friends, such as writing teaching plans, making teaching videos, interacting with students and guiding students to build healthy mind.

In this vast land, I will keep moving forward to explore, and to become a better version of myself! There is still a long way to go.


Be a better person in China

I enjoy life in China, love my teaching job, and start planning what I should do next. I have always been full of passion and enthusiasm for the study of international relations, and decided to focus on the study of China. So, I began study GRE and applied to become a Chinese graduate student by myself. Fortunately, my teaching experience in China allowed me to speak fluent Mandarin and understand the Chinese economic and political situation, which made me successfully selected by my instructor. At the same time, I do not give up my teaching career in China, and hope to be a qualified ESL teacher, which will have a positive impact on my students.

In China, I learned to overcome fear, face the challenges of life with an optimistic attitude and never give up my dream easily. Thank China for giving me the courage and strength to make me a better, wiser and more compassionate person.



If I have never made the decision to cross the Pacific Ocean and come to China to teach English, I might be still an ordinary undergraduate student, who was thinking about what to do next and which direction my life will go in. Even though living and working in China as an expat is not an easy thing all the time, I have never regretted the decision I made.

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