Tips To Handle Cultural Differences When Living in China

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Whether you just come to China for vacation or have decided to live here for work and long-term life, you will inevitably encounter cultural differences.

Learning how to recognize and deal with these cultural differences is essential for living in China. Next I will introduce some solutions for you.


1. Learn Chinese culture actively


Take the initiative to understand Chinese history and customs, find out the root causes behind specific behaviors or habits, and learn to use the Chinese thinking mode to solve the problems when living in China. In this way, not only will you no longer be surprised by some "strange" behaviors of the Chinese, but you will also be able to deal with various problems in China reasonably and efficiently.



2. Understand the reasons that upsets you


It is undeniable that some cultural differences can make you feel very angry, but this is very common for a person who has just lived and worked abroad. Maybe you will be annoyed by some Chinese questions (such as asking about sensitive topics such as age, salary, etc.) or some unreasonable behavior (such as charging before meals, queuing behavior), but this may just be because of the different values established by your country culture cause you to have this negative emotion. In fact, no particular culture is absolutely right or wrong, and I believe that some of your behaviors will also make Chinese people feel very weird. You have to learn to think about problems and life from the perspective of the Chinese, and accept cultural differences, so that you can better integrate into Chinese life.


3. Don’t take it personally


In fact, no one will deliberately do some strange behavior to irritate you unless for certain reasons, such as someone wants to retaliate against you because you have done something hurting him before. Those "strange" behaviors that make you very uncomprehending or even angry are often caused by cultural differences. Arguing loudly with passersby will not change their long-standing habits and they are also not obliged to do so. What you need to do most is to adjust your mentality and realize that everyone lives in this world on an equal footing. Although cultural differences are sometimes annoying, they also bring joy to life.


4. Talk to Chinese people


Remember, never subjectively judge or insult a new culture that you don’t agree with. Your disagreement may be that you don't know enough about this particular culture. Communicating with locals can enable you to truly understand their culture and the way of thinking so as to understand their particular behavior. At the same time, you can also talk to the Chinese about your cultural thoughts and values, which also allows them to understand your different views on a particular thing rather than feel be insulted. It is the most irrational and stupid way to yell or even fight with passers-by in public to show your angry. Communication is the key to problem solving actually.



Even if you have lived in China for decades, there will always be things you don't accept forever. Cultural differences can never be avoided when living overseas. You may be unable to accept some certain behaviors and never behave like those locals, but learning to understand these cultural differences is a compulsory course for you to work and live in China.

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