How to Overcome Your Job Obstacles

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We always go through a period of time when we think that the task at hand is more important than updating our worksheets and responding to emails.

Having been busy with daily tasks, not leaving any time for themselves, which makes many people fall into a state of confusion. It is inevitable to encounter obstacles in your career, but there is no need to change your career because of that.

In fact, just a few changes can solve the problem perfectly.




A constant routine will turn your life into a lifeless pond. Leaving your computer where you've been working for nearly five hours, walking around the office and thinking about your travel plans for the next holiday, or even the design of projects you're not responsible for, can cheer you up. What's more, leave the office, stay away from fluorescent lights, and take a walk outside. Talking to a strange old man may inspire you of new inspiration in life sometimes.

In short, make some changes to your life.




It is a great pleasure to be called "a good person who is willing to help" by colleagues and often hear "Thank you very much". But what should you do when these projects begin to pile up in the corner of your desk but you have no chance of meeting the deadline? When your workload starts to exceed your affordability, you should consider learning to say no. Being part of a team is something to be proud of, but it should not distract you from some more important things. At this point, when someone asks you for help, you should reject him decisively in an appropriate way, like, "As much as I would like to help you, this is not my area of expertise, so… You know…" It may not be easy to say at first, but time will make it easier for you after all.




Sometimes what bothers you most is not how to complete the task, but what to do next.

Take the time to think about what excites you most, whether to create a new game for the classroom or to come up with an effective teaching plan with your teaching team.

Research has showed that people who can give full play their strengths in the work have three times better to have good quality of life and six times higher to improve work efficiency than those who don't.




The Shawn Achor, the CEO of Good Think Inc., has found that 75 per cent of job success depends on people’s optimism, social support networks and positive ways of managing stress, rather than intelligence. Training your brain to maintain a positive attitude for 2 minutes for 21 days will restart your brain and allow you to work in a more optimistic manner. For example, write down the three people you are most grateful for today is a simple way to remind you of the wonderful things happened in your daily life.




SWOT refers to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which is a powerful and effective tool for you to correctly analyze your current situation. Think about your strengths and plan to to develop them, No one is perfect. Don't be ashamed of your shortcomings. You need to develop a good mindset to change your bad habits. Opportunity is the best way to solve the threat. If you are worried that you will be replaced by someone and lose your job, why not try helping him with the project to gain more experience?


Or you may seek out to make new connection to relax yourself. 

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