Can I Get a Teaching Degree Online?

Get a Teaching Degree Online - Teacher Record


Have you ever thought about taking part in an online teaching course rather than an offline one? Well good news: you certainly can get your teaching degree online!

Online learning has become more and more popular all over the world. A truth is that most public and private four-year colleges in the United States now provide various reliable online degree programs, including bachelor's, masters, and doctoral degrees.

These online courses provide the same strict exercise and job prospects as your state's regular classroom teacher training program. If only you choose an accredited one, the degree online you earn will be the same as a degree obtained by an internal student.

1. Getting your bachelor's degree in education online.

Participants are allowed to study in a certain grade, age range, or special fields through the majority of online bachelor's degree programs in education, which also guarantee you to get a teaching license in your ideal to teach.

Nevertheless, obtaining teacher certification through online bachelor's degree education is less common for current teachers.

If you have found a suitable online program, please note that although you can fulfill most part of the course online, you still are required to complete a semester of student teaching before you get a teaching license.

Moreover, it is not totally impossible for complete your student teaching in your local area. Generally speaking, although online bachelor's degree in education programs cannot keep 100% online, they are still more flexible than the in-class teacher preparation programs. Free to choose your hour attending classes is convenient for people who already have a work-family responsibility or live a distance from education school. Getting a teaching degree online is your best choice if you prefer to manage your time and learn at your own pace.

2. Getting an advanced degree in teaching online

Without any personal section, you are able to apply for many master's degree programs in education online. However, these programs are always specially designed for the groups who already gain teaching certifications and decide to improve their qualifications as well as increase their pay. MA in teaching and MS in education are two popular choices which people need to spend two years completing them.

For people with a bachelor's degree in fields unrelated to education or for professionals who want to transition to teaching, several online master's programs are ready to offer a path to help them get teacher certification.

There are also online PhDs in education, mainly for educators who hope for entering research policy, working at a university, or holding a leadership position.

Is it possible to get a teaching degree online fast?

If you have never worked in the education industry, you will spend the same amount of time as a classroom course following the regular teaching routine.

However, if you have gained a bachelor's degree before, it is possible for you to be a teacher without a degree in education through the Alternative Teacher Certification program rapidly.

Although an alternative teacher certification program will make you work into the classroom as an educator more quickly (in some cases, less than a year), online options are rare. Exceptions exist for sure, including online alternative teaching certification, which you are required to do the teaching practice in the local school. But you have to arrange by yourself if you want to teach in the state you long for.

Before applying for an online alternative certification program, make sure that you can arrange for student teaching to take place nearby, or relocate to the student teaching portion of the program if you have to.

Graduates wishing to teach in public schools in any state should get a teaching license. Distinctive requirements are various from different places, but in general, getting a bachelor's degree in addition to completing an accredited teacher education programme are rigid requirements. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graduates ought to pass teacher certification tests and even undergo additional assessments for specific content areas sometimes. 

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