Things You Keed to Know Before Getting Started Teaching from Home

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In the past few days, COVID-19 has brought about great changes in our work lives. It is often said that education determines the future of a country. Due to the absence of offline education, online teaching has attracted a great deal of attention. However, due to the lack of time, many teachers start teaching online from home without the basic knowledge of online teaching because of the lack of time. In order to ensure that students can learn effectively at home, we've compiled some online teaching tips to help the unskilled teachers.


Here are two vital questions that teachers need to ask themselves when adapting to new work arrangements:

  •  How to set new learning goals according to the actual situation?
  •  How to guarantee the educational welfare of my students?


Accommodation and independent thinking are a must for every good teacher. Many helpful online teaching courses for educators are available, which will help teachers who want to improve their skills.   


Adapt to the new technology.

Beginning with the essentials if you have never used the online conferencing tools.

First, take time to adapt yourself to work in harmony with new technology without feeling stressed every day. Resources like home technology and games, quizzes will be helpful to expand your teaching online. You can also click on Links such as “Easy ways to create videos.” to learn new skills.

Never forget your savvy students who are proficient in computer technology, and ask them whenever you don’t know to operate, which is also a good method to develop a close connection with them.


Video calls

l Make sure your face can be seen clearly.

l Prepare some activities that will ensure the smooth running of the class


Online chat

l Maintain regular and steady contact with your students.

l Answer their questions, even if it's simple.

l Find someone who can help you solve a problem you can't solve, such as health counseling

Last, don't forget to keep in touch with parents, guardians, and caregivers! Email is a powerful backup when methods you always use to contract with these groups are disrupted.


Adapting your materials

Now that you know how to deliver your lessons, it's time to think about the teaching materials you'll be using while you teach from home. The teaching materials that will be used to teach from home should be carefully considered. Undoubtedly, it is much more efficient to adjust existing materials than to make new ones

Online education doesn't mean all handwritten activities will disappear. On all accounts, the amount of screen time students spend each day is likely to increase dramatically. You can still ask students to write or do art on their homework books, and send you pictures when they finish. Online study groups, where students study separately in a shared virtual space, are able to a written activity.

Digital devices have brought lots of new activities for us, and figure out how to make normal tasks digital-friendly matters.


Set new learning goals

Since online education can be a bit monotonous for students, teachers are able to introduce some activities, such as puzzle games, to raise their mood and make them more engaged in their study.

Without face-to-face interaction, it may be difficult for you and your learners to focus on the course material, let alone monitor and track the student's progress when you are impossible to talk to them personally. Now it is the right time to set new learning goals.

Your students are all learning under various conditions. A majority of students may feel depressed and uncertain of online teaching; some are good managers of their own studies, while others may lack of self-discipline. This is when good relationships and happiness be the focus of your learning goals.

Besides, you can turn your attention to autonomic learning at home. The fact is that your students have to continue studying although the regular curriculum has been destroyed. Now is the time to make your classrooms an inclusive place for all.


Make the mental switch

As a decent and mature adult, you are not only a mentor to your students on their learning but also their strongest spiritual encourager.

Traumatic education through coronavirus means putting the well-being of students and yourself first. Something as simple as building a procedure or a continuous contract will gently make your students at ease. Moreover, your physical and mental health is your best backup in this position. 

Before starting a video call or online chat with your students, give yourself 15 minutes to get in the zone.

Don’t let yourself indulge in social media and just channel your energy into the learning experience you want to showcase in an online class.

Switching your teaching mindset or taking a break is another way to take good care of yourself.


Improve your skills

Teaching from home is a novel skill for many teachers, so it takes a while to get it done. Educators around the world have to learn how to teach online effectively in a challenging environment. However, if you find yourself not getting things done in time, there's no need to blame yourself. Taking an educator's online course is a smart choice to quickly improve your online teaching skills and get your online teaching certificate. Another tip you should know is master one skill at a time. Try a new activity or technology you want to grasp in a virtual classroom.

 In the meantime, don’t cast the traditional skill-sharing away: sharing the successes and failures of your online teaching with your colleagues will help you grow together.

 Challenges will eventually disappear, but skills will last for a long time.


You are a great teacher all the time

 Unlike offline teaching, you need a while to be confident in a new online environment. It is no doubt that you also need to master certain technical skills for online classroom learning. The basic skills of being a good teacher are the same because you have already known how to support your students and what is best for them in any situation. Remember, you are a great teacher, which means it's possible to do your job well in any case. Move on! 

Check here to learn steps to become an online teacher.

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