TeacherRecord Official Announcement About TEFL Certificate

The original intention behind our TR TEFL product is to create fairer access to the English education industry by providing a completely free TEFL certificate for teachers who are excellent and willing to work hard. Therefore, only those teachers who will complete the TEFL training and examinations step by step without any external support are eligible for the TR TEFL certificate.


However, it’s a pity that someone has taken advantage of our goodwill and obtained the TEFL certificate by taking unfair measures against other teachers.


We appeal to all teachers:

Please don't listen to the rumours of charging for the TR TEFL certificate, for we will not charge any fees for our TEFL courses or examinations. The TR TEFL certificate is definitely a non-profit product. We do not authorize any third-party organization or individual to provide any service of TR TEFL certificate. Please do not attempt to obtain the service of the TR TEFL certificate by means other than the official website.

Our official website for TR TEFL certificate 👉https://teacherrecord.com/tefl-certificate


In order to safeguard the common rights and interests of TR TEFL certificate holders, we will severely crackdown on all acts of obtaining certificates through unfair means. We hope that our efforts in this field can contribute to the healthier and sustainable development of the TEFL industry so that more teachers who are interested in English education can have an opportunity to realize their dreams!

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