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You probably are wondering what type of your students might be, and what is the difference between students from different countries and even different aged students in the same country. The beauty of teaching is that you never know who your students will be. Although most teachers like this profession because it provides us with a variety of jobs, if you are new to online English teaching, you may not know exactly who you can teach. Being familiar with the types of learners you are going to teach English online can help you to plan and prepare properly. So, can I teach English to young learners online?

Well, teaching English online to Chinese students has become quite popular, since there is huge market demand. Now here are the types of online English language learners:


Teach English to Young Learners

Young learners account for the vast majority of online English learners, which is evident in many online companies that only teach English to children online, specifically in China. Previously kids will start to learn English in Middle school or high school, but now Chinese parents are getting their kids access to English learning since they are 3 years old or even less than 3 years old. And because they lack excellent native English speakers in their local schools or educational companies, there is a huge demand for online English learning for young learners. Therefore, if you are teaching young learners, you only need to teach this type of learner to easily fill up your schedule. Teaching young learners can be done either one-on-one or in a class, but usually no more than four to six students.

But there is one thing you need to be aware of it. Teaching Young Learners can be very different to teaching any other age group. Your lessons must be particularly interesting and engaging. Your activities should not be too complex or lengthy. In other words, simple and interesting activities are the way to go with young learners. In addition, you will need to incorporate interactive elements, such as games, songs, or puppets, to keep your students entertained. Whats more, You need to be prepared to communicate with students parents about their progress.

Teach English to Teenagers

Although there are many more young learners than teenagers who learn English online, teenagers learn English mainly for supplementing their English lessons at school and trying to get a higher mark because of English as one of the core courses for the colleague entrance examination. Similarly, the course can be done one-on-one or in a class with several students.

Teenagers may be a little difficult to deal with than young learners, but they are challenging. Be careful not to treat teenagers like young learners. Trying to make sure that your lesson attracts their attention and matches their personality and interest. Respect teenagers as young people and let them contribute to the discussion with their own ideas and opinions.

Teach English to Adult

There is an increasing demand for English learning in recent years among adults with the development of globalization. And many companies are involved with international business, which makes English necessary in their daily work. And more and more adults realize the convenience of learning English online. Because they dont need to commute to a language school after work which sometimes takes about one hour in some big cities like Beijing and Shenzhen. By learning English online, they are able to go back home to take their lessons without wasting their time going to the language school. In most cases, adults will take 1-to-1 lessons and prefer general English courses because they want to speak English in a conversational capacity, or to travelling or engaging with the English media.

When dealing with adults, you need to realize that adults have left campus for a number of years, which means that they may have forgotten the best way to learn, or they may feel uncomfortable speaking English. The issue is that adults usually have confidence problems and are afraid of making mistakes. It takes a lot of patience and encouragement to teach adults. At the same time, try to make it a conversation which will make adult students talk as much as possible and make them focus on expressing their thoughts instead of much focus on speaking English.

The variety of students you can teach as an online English teacher is undoubtedly one of the most attractive aspects of this job. You are sure to meet interesting people from all over the world, and talking and interacting with them will make your work much more interesting than most people. In fact, sometimes you may not even feel like working!

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