How to link TeacherRecord Wallet to Payoneer?



This article is a complete guide about how to link TeacherRecord wallet, referred as TR  wallet, to your Payoneer account.


In this article, we take a reference case with Hero (TR account: [email protected]) to demonstrate the whole process. 



 How to change the email for payment notification?


All the payments from School will be paid to your TR wallet account directly, which is the email account you registered on TeacherRecord. And all the payment notification will be sent to this email. If you would like to change the email for payment notification, you may follow the guide below:


Suppose you would like to change your registered email ([email protected]) into another email ([email protected]).

After login to TR platform with [email protected], you will find a button “ Wallet & Deposit” on the left navigation column. By clicking this button, you will find the TR wallet account setting as Figure 1. From the setting in Figure 2, you can add another email ([email protected]). Please note that the alternative email is just for email payment notification, you still have to use the registered email for login) 


TeacherRecord Wallet

 Figure 1


TeacherRecord Wallet

Figure 2



How to link TR wallet to your Payoneer?


Step 1: Check the “withdraw” button under “Wallet & Deposit”, as in Figure 3

TeacherRecord Wallet

Figure 3


Step 2: Click “Login Payoneer&Link Teacher Record” as in Figure 4. Then you have successfully linked TR wallet to Payoneer.


TeacherRecord Wallet

Figure 4



How to confirm if your Payoneer is successfully linked with your TeacherRecord Wallet?


Click “Withdrawal” under "Wallet & Deposit",if you still can see the “Link Your Payoneer Account”Page as in Figure 5, then you haven’t linked the Payoneer with Your Teacher Record Wallet


TeacherRecord Wallet

Figure 5



Why is Teacher Record Wallet not linked to Payoneer successfully?


If TeacherRecord wallet is not successfully linked to Payoneer,  your Payoneer might be in “Inactive” Status. Go and Check the status. And the main reason for inactive Payoneer account is due to incomplete Payoneer information. Go and check if  the necessary information on Payoneer is  complete.


If all the information are complete, and the status is active, please ask Payoneer Customer Service for assistance.

Here is the contact information for Payoneer customer service:

Payoneer Customer Service

Toll Free US Telephone: 1-800-251-2521 UK: +44-203-608-0610

Australia: +61-28-379-8090

International: 1-646-658-3695

Live Chat: Web Form:

E-mail: [email protected]


Wondering how to withdraw money after linking TR wallet to Payoneer? Check it out here.


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