7 Tips on How to Get Students Fully Concentrated

It is not uncommon for teachers that online teaching is very different from physics classroom teaching. Well, it is not only for teachers but also for students. Online learning may be a new concept for your students as well and may take some time to get used to. If you teach English online, you may find that your students feel tired or distracted in class, not because of you or the content of your course, but because of the media. Fortunately, you can do some smart things to maximize student participation to ensure that your course is effective. Here are seven tips to get online students involved.


                                   How to Get Students Involved - Teacher Record


1. Include them in the course

Make sure your students actively participate in the course to prevent daydreaming. Ask questions regularly or use interactive activities to make sure they stay focused (and stay awake! ). If you want to teach in groups, use a group discussion room to facilitate discussion among students, alternate groups, and ensure that all students have the opportunities to speak.


2. Give them autonomy

Take your students into your decision about their courses. After all, they need to do their homework. Ask them what topics they want to discuss in future courses, or what aspects of English do they feel they need to work on. This includes homework. If your students can choose the homework they want to do, they are more likely to do it. But just take it as a reference, try to make the class more interesting, they will be attracted and stay fully concentrated.


3. Mix it up

Don't just sit and chat with your students or, even worse, some teachers just read the slides out! And keep asking their students to read after them. This is horrible. Be sure to mix your teaching methods to keep your lessons interesting. You can teach your students to sing an English Song, or tell a story with slides shows the pictures to attract their attention. Sharing screens can do wonders for your lessons. You can also communicate through chat, give your voice (and their ears) a break, and practice their writing skills.


4. Reinvent yourself

Once your students know you well, you can confuse it and start class with a new identity like wearing a wig or new glasses, or you can play the role of a well-known person. The trick is to be totally nonchalant about it, and make sure you go the whole hog. (Note: This will only apply to certain students!)


5. Keep up with the times

We know that it is important to know your students, which means understanding their preferences and interests, and spending time and energy to become familiar with their culture. In other words, if you are teaching teenagers, make sure you know everything about Tik Tok so that you can always have something to talk about which can better connect with your students


6. Cultivate inner motivation

Motivation is the key to successful learning, no matter what the subject is or how learning is conducted. External motivation comes from outside and can be cultivated through stickers, badges or other rewards. What is more powerful is the internal motivation. Remind your students why they want to learn English and show them the connection between the work they are doing and their application in real life.


7. Take learning out of the classroom

Your students have no reason to sit in front of the computer and study. Assign your students' homework that they can complete independently. This can be homework that needs to be done with books, magazines, or others, or it can be a flipped classroom. At the end of the day, we need to remember that online learning can make people both physically and mentally exhausted. At present, your online students are likely to study other subjects online, so if they feel a little tired or grumpy in your course, then let them go. To help this situation, you need to make sure that you put your energy and enthusiasm into your online course (no matter how you feel)-and use these seven tips to ensure that your students are as involved as possible


The above 7 tips are about how to get your students involved during your class. Learn how to get more students,click here. 

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