7 Tips to Nail Online English Teaching Interview


When it comes to interviews for online English teaching positions, we have seen many interviewees as a verified job site to help you to find a satisfied recruiter. Some interviewees did an awesome performance during the interview process, some just did a plain, while others did a terrible one. We feel it is our obligation to help those teachers who are eager to get this online teaching job. Some of these tips and techniques may seem obvious, while others make you stop and think for a while. We are sure that this article will help you to better prepare for your using teaching experience in interviews on TeacherRecord.

We will start with general tips and then break it down into a detailed list of potential interview questions that we have asked before and will be asked again. You can deal with this information as you wish, but with a lot of behind-the-scenes information, you can be sure that you will stick to these interviews and find the online English teaching job.

 English Teaching Interview - Teacher Record

Here is the list of what you need to know for an Online English Teaching Interview:

1. Do an interview on your laptop.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare a laptop for an interview. Noted that all the interviews are suggested with a laptop, instead of a tablet and phone. And it would be better if you choose to do this interview online at home. Teacher Record has seen some interviewees who did their interviews on their phone while they are outside somewhere, they cannot even hear clearly from the interviewers and trust me, you can never do a great demo and leave a good impression on your interviewers. Thus, make sure that you will take your interview on your laptop at home.

2. Check your laptop.

What is also very important is that you need to make sure your laptop is working properly and download a “Chrome” browser on your desktop and remember to update it to the latest Chrom 70+. Pay attention to this tip and download the latest browser. We have seen many interviews that cannot successfully connect with their interviewer due to the failure of the browser. If you don’t do this in advance, and something happens, trust me, you will ruin your interview since the interviewers have many schedules with other applicants.

3. Test Your Internet Connection.

The main difference between office work and online work is that your work is highly dependent on the speed of your Internet connection. Without a solid connection, you will not be able to conduct an interview or deliver a clear quality course. A poor Internet connection may leave a bad impression on the recruiter during the interview.

Test your connection before the interviews! Make sure your microphone and webcam function correctly. The interview will be conducted on our platform, so be sure you have a good familiarity with it beforehand. If you are confused about how to use it correctly, you are free to contact Teacher Record via skype: live TeacherRecord.

4.  Prepare for a nice self-introduction.

Self-introduction seems to be an inevitable part of the interview process. We have seen that many applicants who have prepared for their self-introduction earlier did a better performance than those who didn’t and they can better attract the interests of the interviewers and make connections with them. Focus on your previous teaching experience, if you have worked for some big companies like VIPkid, DaDaABC, or Gogokid, make sure that you tell the interviewers about these experiences. It would give you extra bonus.

5. Prepare for some possible questions

One of the possible questions many interviewees encountered is why you want to work for our company. Well, this is maybe that the interviewer wants to make sure that you know something about their company instead of that type of applicants who made applications to many other online teaching companies just for a teaching job.

Just be prepared for this question and know something about this company, it will help you get out of it and leave a good impression.

 6. Prepare for a demo

In most cases, the interviewees are asked to conduct a demo class. Make sure that you have prepared for it, so you can do an excellent performance, which will be a determinant for whether you will be able to get their offer. A small tip would be trying to use some tools in your demo to make it more attractive since some interviewers do care about this.

 7. Wear a smile on your face

This is one little thing that can make your interview more attractive. Since a smile can make you get closed with the interviewer.

With all these online English teaching interview tips, there’s no WAY you can fail. For more tips check here.

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