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One of the advantages of teaching English in China in private language centers is that they provide teachers with useful teaching materials and devices.

Videos, songs, and interactive whiteboard (IWB) games are all important ways to help students learn English by using high-tech devices.

However, sometimes some simple or "low-tech" classroom activities can make restless children settle down and be more engaged into the class, thus improving classroom efficiency.

Also, this is the best secret weapon when something goes wrong with classroom equipment, which will be great helpful for you to make your classroom fun.

Phone / Chinese whisper

This is an interesting game for children to remember pronunciation and grammar patterns. First of all, divide the class into several small teams and let each team compete to get points.

The teacher will ask a team first, and then they will answer and ask the next student question.

The failed team will answer the teacher's questions again or the teacher will ask the students to "find" the whispered flashcard at the end.  

This simple Mini-Game can increase the participation of students and make them learn how to work as a team.


Divide the class into two teams and let two students from different groups stand at opposite ends of the classroom each time and ask them to use dry erasers (paper or IWB) to compete for copying or writing something. For junior students, the content of the competition can be simple letters, and words or sentences are for senior students.

This relay race allows students to practice English spelling and sentence construction effectively.


Give a topic and ask the students to say the relevant words one by one. If a student can't say a word or repeat the answers, then he or she is out. Teachers can use simple topics, such as animals, countries, colors, flowers, etc. For junior students, ask them to say simple related words, and ask senior students to use related words to make sentences, which is more challenging.

This game allows students to master a category of related words in the competition, which is much more effective than simply memorizing words by reading or writing down.


Teachers can learn from their favorite games in childhood and apply them to English teaching classes to bring some fun to students. You can make some quiet or active games according to your teaching style or students' interests. Whatever kinds of games you use, make sure you have some backups, which will also make you better able to deal with emergencies rather than feel in panic when something goes wrong.

Remember to avoid letting students play a game over and over again, or they will soon get bored!

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