Tips For Long-Distance Flight



"I love travelling, but I hate flying for a long time!" You can always hear words like this from many travel enthusiasts. Long-distance flight is not as easy as some people think, stretching your legs, closing your eyes, and sleeping comfortably, because sometimes you can’t straighten your legs at all (seat in economy class) and don’t know if people sitting next to you will do strange things.


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Therefore, we have prepared a list for you to have a more comfortable long-distance flight experience.


1. Choose a good seat

Looking at the gorgeous sea of clouds through the window seems to be a romantic thing, but a window seat means that you need a "neighbor" to move when you need to use the bathroom, unless you can hold back 10 hours or more without going to the bathroom solving personal problems. Therefore, choosing an aisle seat if possible.

(Tip: If there are three seat configurations, choose the row that has window seats booked since few people will book the middle position. The best choice is an average aisle seat. (No one is next to you.)


2. Choose healthy food

Making sure you eat healthy in the week before the flight. Regular consumption of junk foods rich in sodium and fat will make you easily feel uncomfortable during long flights. In addition, when the beverage cart passes by, please choose water or tea instead of carbonated drinks or alcohol to ensure that your blood circulation and stomach function normally.

(Tip: Many people think that alcohol is a good choice for sleep aid, but in fact it will only make you dehydrated. If you have trouble sleeping during the flight, please prepare melatonin pills, eye masks and earplugs in advance.)


3. Make a move.

Sitting for a long time will have a bad effect on the body, so try to do some exercises during the flight, such as walking in the aisle or doing aerial yoga.


4. Pack your own entertainment.

Movies are usually shown on the plane for all passengers to entertain, but they may not be your pie. Bring your favorite books/magazines, or download movies or TV shows you are interested in on the iPad in advance are all good ways to get rid of boredom.



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