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Online Sales Associate (Fashion Industry)丨Sales Commission丨NO Degree&Experience

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Teach Online
20 US Dollar/Hour
Job Highlights
20 US Dollar/Hour
  • English
  • Language
Working Hours
Job Description

Job Responsibilities

● Introduce new products by the use of Social Media, especially TikTok

● Create TikTok videos that showcase the following Giving advice about fashion and trends of New product lines and Old product lines

● Create stories and Display a "customer first" mindset at all times

● Maintain brand and operational standards, Possess a strong character/ethical core and Engage with customers through social media Requirements Located in USA.

● Previous experience in customer centric environment preferred Capacity to promote and upload the brand's vision and standards Proven availability to close sales and achieve results

Job Requirements

● Just located in USA, but no nationality required. 

● No degree or experience required, training from the very beginning is provided

Neutral accent

● Participants must be on camera on the stream.

● Love the work of the streamer, good features, lively and cheerful.

● Good communication skills and teamwork ability.


Job Details

● Position type

E-commerce operation/Online operation/Product operation/Social media operation

● Experience required

Unlimited experience


l  Flexible Hours

 2~4 hours livestreaming and 5 days a week

 Feel free to choose working hours that suits you from the following chart!

EST(New York)


8:00a.m. ~12:00a.m.



8:00a.m. ~12:00a.m.



PST(Los Angeles)


8:00a.m. ~12:00a.m.



8:00a.m. ~12:00a.m.


Job Requirements
Minimum requirements
  • All nationalities accepted
  • High School or above
  • None

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  • Less Than 1 Year
Job Benefit/Welfare

What we offer?

Degree & experience (NOT required), we will provide training from the very beginning

Salary: 20$/hour + 5% sales commission at the beginning

Protection period: From the first 30 Livestream (no less than 2 hours each time) or the first 60 hours in total will be paid at USD 20$/hour + 5% sales commission ;

Stable period: After 60 hours of broadcast, the payment will be made according to 10% of the GMV  (the live broadcast must be no less than 2 hours and at least 5 days a week);


Payday: Accounting and statistics are carried out at the end of each natural month, and payroll is carried out on the 10th of the following month.


Our team provides professional guidance on improving your livestreaming styles, software using techniques etc as well as eye-catching media to increase your influence.

Good and harmonious working atmosphere, and generous salary


Application Process
On Platform
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Process inside TeacherRecord platform
Apply→Screening by employer→Waiting for interview invitation→Schedule interview→Attend interview→Accept offer→Leave TeacherRecord platform→Receive instruction to contact employer for onboarding
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