Supplemental tools to Classin/Zoom: Top 1 all-inclusive option for independent teachers

There are many available tools available for private tutors, like Classin , Zoom , Voov, Google meet, etc. Some solo teachers are using stripe to receive payment from Chinese students and message them through Wechat. However, all of the tools or websites are limited to 1 or 2 functions like a classroom, booking, or payment functions and with less interaction with students.

TutorPage is an exciting new management tool that offers full interactivity and covers all aspects of your tutoring business. It is designed for independent private tutors only. 


Key Advantages:


All-in-one platform: TutorPage is designed for growing your online tutoring business. Set up a tutoring website and have a management system including managing students, scheduling lessons, writing lesson feedback, collecting your students' lesson reviews, taking payment, and more!


Scheduling system: There is a tutor-student sync scheduling system in Calendar. Tutors can open time slots for students to book or cancel freely. System coordinates the time difference automatically for both you and students. 


Various integrated online classrooms: More integrated classroom options are available, and no other software download is needed. Interactive online whiteboard is provided.


A website for your brand: You can build a website where you can post your teaching products, like videos and pictures. Students can book your lessons through your page at the same time. 


Pricing: FREE. Free to use during the trial opening(Open Beta Period).




This is a management tool not a company, and you still need to find your own students through your own marketing. 



How TutorPage works?

How TutorPage works



What makes TutorPage stand out?

Other website

All-inclusive platform. Full interactivity.

Limited functions and less interactivity.

Student's dashboard can switch to Mandarin language. More user-friendly for your Chinese clients

All in English, hard to understand for Chinese clients

Your website's layout is clean/neat and easy to navigate.

 Customized layout with bad usability.

Automated with a sign-up page for students to purchase and register for your lessons directly. (Coming soon...)

Do not support. Students have to buy manually.

Provide more integrated virtual classroom options, like Zoom, classin, E-class (an interactive whiteboard is available).

Do not support an integrated virtual classroom. Have to use other video calling softwares by yourself.

TutorPage streamlines your tutoring business process. More user-friendly for teachers.

Poor logic of its structure. Don't know how to navigate and waste time on usual tasks.

Features are highly duplicated and simplified from the various big-name online teaching company's websites by an experienced product team.

Not specialized in online teaching services and don't understand the real needs of private tutors. Don't have their own product team.


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