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Interested in teaching English in China? As one of the most potential ESL markets in the world, China has attracted an increasing number of ESL teachers to come and teach English in China.
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Teach In China

Teaching English in China Requirements

Teaching English in China in Private Language Schools
Usually, a Bachelor's degree and a teaching certificate are the minimum qualifications for teaching in China at a private language school. One exception is that Teacher Record offers free teaching course, which enables applicants to have a teaching certification without any cost.
Teach English in China in International Schools
Qualified applicants who are looking for teaching jobs at international schools are required with a bachelor degree or above and teaching license in their home country, as well as two years of teaching experience.
Teach English in China in Public Schools
For teachers looking to work in public schools, they need at least a bachelor degree, teaching certification, and non-crime justification. It would be better to have prior teaching experience.

TEFL certificate is necessary for teaching English in China. If you don't have one, you may now start to apply for a ✅ Free TEFL Course

Types of English teaching jobs in china

Right now, there are more than 300 millions of English learners in China and the number is still growing. It is estimated that there will be a shortage of 100,000 ESL teachers in China in the coming few years.

As one of the largest educational countries in the world, China puts great emphasis on the role of education in economic and cultural development. Since English is the first foreign language for all students in schools, it is a great opportunity to teach English as second language to students in China.

English teaching jobs in china can be found at the following schools or institutions:

Private language schools
International schools
Universities and colleges

You may now start to apply for teaching English in China.

Teach In China

Teach English in Private language schools in China

Private language schools are one of most welcome and popular choices of multiple ESL teachers, as well as educators who are thinking about teaching in China.
The number of Chinese students studied at private language schools in China has boosted from 29 million from 2011 to 40 million in 2016, and it is estimated to reach 51 million by 2021. Nowadays, parents are paying great attention on English education for their age.
In larger cities in China where the demand in Private language schools appears to be easily found, the demand for teaching jobs in China appear to be higher than its rural counterpart. First Leap, and English First are just two of popular language schools in China.
Normally there will be many local Chinese teachers and foreign English teachers in the private language schools, and the classes tend to be small with less then 15 students. With the development of the technology in the education industry in China, the ESL classrooms normally are equipped with interactive whiteboards, projectors and computers.

Teach English in International schools in China

China has been witnessing the growth of many international schools over the past years more than that of any other country in the world. The rapid growth of international schools in China does not only represent the rise of China’s economy, but also show that Chinese are passionate about English learning.
About 150,000 Chinese students are currently studying in international schools at the moment. China's increased demand for international education has largely been attributed by a rising number of Chinese middle-class families looking for providing English-medium education to their children with the Western style, aiming to gain access to internationally recognized universities abroad.
World-class school facilities, small class sizes and diverse curriculum offerings usually characterize international schools in China.
For the most part. Normally there are three type of curriculum as following:
International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Teaching English in Public Schools in China

Teaching English in a public schools in China is a very rewarding job, no matter if you are teaching in a primary, middle or high school.
In general, students in public schools have better manner than in private schools. Normally there will be a teaching assistant in your class to help. But it is still very challenging to acquire the skills to tailor your lessons to both weak and strong students.
Like with any teaching, there is a huge difference between teaching 9 years old and 14 years old, for example, to keep things fun and important to the age group is quite different. Compared to private language schools, public schools usually have less foreign employees. Normally the class sizes in public schools are larger then in private schools, and there are about 25 to 45 students in each class in public schools. In order to group students for pair work and group work, it is important to keep the topics exciting and interesting to engage all the students.

What is the Teaching Salary in China Like?

Many teachers are wondering how much they can earn every month in China. Well, the question actually depends on the hiring schools or companies. But the salary is similar in same type of institutions.
Here is a quick overview of the salaries at different schools or institutions:
Public Schools: 6,000-15,000 CNY per month
Private Schools: 8,000- 30,000 CNY per month
International Schools: 10,000-26,000 CNY per month
Private tutoring: 100-160 CNY per hour
The above are reference teaching salary in China. If you are an experienced and well qualified ESL teachers, you may end up with a higher teaching salary. And one more point needs to be pointed out that there is a slim chance to work in China without a degree.
Teach In China
Teach In China

What are Teaching in China Pros and Cons?

Some teachers think highly of working and teaching English as second language to Chinese students in China, however, some might think less favorably of working here.
Let us have a look at the Pros and Cons living and working in China as below:
Nice salary with low living costs
An extensive number of job opportunities
Very convenient and cost effective public transportation
Rich culture and delicious food
Beautiful scenery to explore and travel
Language barriers
A lot of people
Air pollution
When you are considering teaching English to speakers of other languages, China is a good choice for you.

Teaching in china interview questions

Interview is an very important process for you whether you are getting this job or not, and how much you can get for the job. In order to pass the interview, it is suggested for teachers to show passion for education and a variety of interpersonal skills including communication, problem solving, and patience.
The following are the most frequently asked questions:
Did you have any teaching experience?
How long have you been teaching English?
How would you handle certain situations in class such as shy students or naughty students?
What do I think to China? Or why you would like to teach in China?
A better prepared interview will increasing the rate of getting this offer. Don’t be nervous, just be brave and confident. You will surely find the suitable English tutor jobs.
Teach In China

Teach in China Opportunities

With a very competitive salary and other extra benefits, Teaching in China has become one of the most popular English tutor job destinations, and teachers can easily find a teacher job in China.

TeacherRecord, a professional job association, cooperates with many local schools and companies in China to provide various opportunities to Teach English Online and many teach abroad programs which provide additional perks like housing allowance, flight reimbursement, contract renewal bonus, etc.