Before Coming To China: Five Things You Should Know

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Bring your necessary documents (work visa, degree certificate, TEFL certificate, driver's license, health check, etc.), OTC drugs and prescriptions, clothes for different seasons, pack your luggage and prepare to go to China. 

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But before going to China, there are some things you should know in advance to avoid embarrassment in China. Complete guide to teach in China


1. Put aside your prejudice against China

Most people in Western countries learn about China from the media, but in this post-truth era, people don’t care about the truth but what they read. Therefore, it is very shameful for some "shady" media to discredit China in order to attract attention and gain certain interests. For example, China is a socialist country so they do not respect the personal freedom of citizens.

Working in China, you will find that the lives of Chinese citizens and Western citizens are basically the same. They also send their children to school, cultivate their various abilities, and support their families by engaging in various jobs. You know, most Chinese people have a sense of family responsibility and are willing to work hard for family happiness. Furthermore, China's various industries have developed rapidly in recent decades, with successful business operations and sound economic development.

Anyway, if you have a thought that China is a backward developing country, please throw it away.


2. Don’t worry about your safety in China

China can be said to be one of the safest countries in the world. When you walk on the streets in China, you can see all kinds of closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) and cameras everywhere, which will record your every move in public. The thought of "there may be a pickpocket suddenly snatching my purse on the road" is impossible, and people with this idea now are also ridiculous. Even if a woman walks home alone at 12 o'clock in the evening, there is no need to worry since in addition to the instant camera, there are patrol officers on duty at night.

In short, you are very safe in China.


3. China is still a developing country

It is undeniable that China has developed very rapidly in recent decades, but it does not mean that all its cities are as prosperous and modern as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other big cities. In fact, China has a vast territory and a large population. If you are working in some small cities or rural areas, you may feel a little disappointed. The infrastructure construction in these places is not that perfect, such as some streets in disrepair for many years, and public sports facilities are damaged for a long time.

Therefore, consider carefully when choosing a place to work in China. It mainly depends on whether you like modern and convenient life in big cities or prefer to enjoy the natural scenery of the countryside.


4. There is also recycling in China

China has been considered as a country that pays no attention to environmental protection by many Westerners. In fact, the Chinese government has promulgated many relevant laws and regulations on garbage classification and resource recycling, and has increased the education of citizens on different types of recycled materials in recent years. Recycling areas are designated both on the streets and in communities, equipped with special garbage bags and collection bins, and citizens are required to put wastes in specific garbage bins according to different types to facilitate the staff to recycle. (In particular, people in Shanghai must throw garbage in accordance with regulations, otherwise they will be fined.)


5. Keep tissues in your pocket or handbag

This sounds strange, but to be precise, in China, many restaurants (especially street shops) do not provide customers with napkins (or charge for them), and most public toilets (or bathrooms) do not have toilet paper or tissues. Therefore, you should prepare tissues in advance and carry them with you.

Don't worry that it will cost you a lot of money. I suggest you buy them in bulk on Taobao (a large shopping website in China) where you can buy them at a very low price.

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