How to Get A Teaching Abroad Job While Still In College

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"I haven't graduated from university, but is it possible for me to find a job teaching English abroad?"

"Of course, you can!"

No matter what career you will choose in the future, teaching abroad is a good opportunity for undergraduates to learn about the new culture and gain valuable experience. You will be able to add some "bright" things to your resume, and even be able to pay off your college loan in advance.

Even if not getting a degree certificate will reduce your job options, you are still offered many teaching opportunities from all over the world.


If you meet such requirements, it will be easier for you to find an overseas English teaching job.

  • You are a native English speaker

Native English speakers are very popular in many educational institutions. They need you so much!

  • You have a TEFL certification

A TEFL certification will help you prove to your potential employers that you have the qualifications and ability to be a leader in an ESL classroom and that you know how to teach. If you don’t have one, you can choose to take an online TEFL course which can avoid time conflicts with your school’s courses.

  • You have some teaching experience

If you have worked as a tutor or volunteer teacher in the community, it is a great advantage, but if you don’t have any teaching experience, try to ask the community or school for help, or apply for an online English teaching job.


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Here are three ways I recommend for you.

1. Apply for foreign volunteer teaching courses.

If you don't care about salary and comfortable working environment, applying for a volunteer teaching job abroad is the easiest way to realize the dream of "teaching abroad before graduation". At the same time, you will also get:

  • Valuable teaching experience and survival skills abroad
  • Opportunity to travel to a country of interest
  • Find out if you really love/fit for teaching
  • Free accommodation and meals
  • Reimbursement of air tickets
  • Self-determination of working hours


2. Apply for ESL summer camp work.

Applying for an ESL summer camp job is another good choice for undergraduates. Many countries in Western Europe (such as Spain and Italy) and Southeast Asia (such as Thailand and Malaysia) offer a large number of English teaching positions in summer camps every year so it is not too difficult to get one. Even though you may not be paid (or just get a small subsidy), you will get some benefits:

  • Valuable teaching experience
  • Free food and accommodation
  • Participate in camp activities (such as barbecues, picnics and campfires)
  • Experience a new lifestyle and culture


3. Travel to the country/region directly and get a teaching job

This method requires a certain amount of courage and financial support, but it allows you to find a teaching job in the country you’re interested in. A fact is that without a degree will limit the types of jobs you can apply for, which means that you will most likely get a part-time teaching job instead of a formal one, or you need to start a private teaching class. In addition, teaching abroad will require longer working time, so you may need a whole gap year or study abroad for a semester or even a year. But you will get”

  • Skills for independent living
  • Valuable teaching experience
  • Teaching in your favorite country
  • Get a higher salary
  • Opportunity to travel abroad
  • Experience a new culture and lifestyle


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