Eight Common Rules You Should Know When Living and Working in China

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Nowadays an increasing number of teachers are moving to work and live in China since China is a great and potential ESL market. I bet many teachers don't have much knowledge about the rules in China, but it would be better if you know some rules while working in China. 

The 8 rules in China which would be very helpful

1.     Certificates required to work in China:

Ø  Work visa (Z-VISA) (obtained before entering China)

Ø  Employment Permit for foreigners (applicable by employers for foreigners before entering China)

Ø  Residence Permit (apply within 30 days after obtaining a foreigner’s employment permit)

(Tip: Never work without an employment permit, otherwise you will be detained or deported.)


2.     Pay personal income tax in China:

Live in China during the tax year

Ø  =/>183 days --- Declare and pay personal income tax regarding the income earned in domestic and overseas

Ø  <183 days --- Declare and pay personal income tax regarding the income earned within China


3.     File a lawsuit as a foreigner in China

Ø  The plaintiff submits a complaint letter signed by himself/herself to the people's court with jurisdiction

Ø  If you choose to appoint a lawyer:

a.     You must appoint a certified Chinese lawyer

b.     Evidence from outside China must be notarized and certified by the embassy/consulate

c.     Written materials produced in foreign languages must be translated and certified by a translation company registered in China

Ø  Choose not to appoint a lawyer


4.     Pay social insurance premiums

Ø  According to the "Labor Law of the People's Republic of China", Chinese employers must pay social insurance premiums for foreign employees

Ø  Foreign employees working in China until retirement can receive retirement salary

Ø  Foreign employees who have only worked in China for a few years can withdraw funds through some procedures


5.     Requirements for two foreigners getting married in China:

Ø  Valid documents + valid evidence required by the "Regulations on Marriage Registration"

Ø  A valid certificate issued by the home country


6.     Requirements for foreigners to purchase real estate in China:

Ø  Live in China for more than one year

Ø  Obtain local government approval

Ø  Only one residential property can be purchased

Ø  Provide a valid passport/ID (or other documents that can prove your identity)

Ø  Sign the contract and notarize it


7.     Things that can't drink, eat or smoke in China

Ø  Drugs (such as marijuana and ecstasy)

Ø  Cigarettes and cigars can be purchased legally in China


8.     Things to do when in danger

Ø  Looking for help from police officers and people in uniforms

Ø  Dial the police number (110)

Ø  Learn how to describe your specific location and call for help in Chinese

(In China, buying and selling guns is illegal, and most Chinese people are gentle and kind so they always avoid conflicts with others. Therefore, you don't need to worry too much about whether you will be attacked in China.)



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